Frequently Asked Questions

How much are Artist’s passes?

A full priced pass is £20 plus a booking fee of £1.83.

A concessionary pass is £10 plus a booking fee of £1.21.

How can I purchase a pass? 

You can either purchase a pass on-line with Eventbrite here or you can purchase them from ArtSpace Cinderford at 3 Woodside Street, Cinderford, GL14 2NL.

Who is eligible for concessionary tickets? 

You will be eligible for a concessionary rate if you are in receipt of the following, means-tested benefits:

Job Seekers Allowance
Council Tax Benefit
Income Support
Employment and Support Allowance
Working Tax Credit
Housing Benefit
Pension Credit (Not Savings Credit)
Universal Credit

In order to pay a concessionary rate, you will need to show evidence of your benefits (either a statement or letter from the relevant agency).

Do I have to use paint? 

You can create a picture in any medium you like as long as you can do it in a day. Oils, watercolours, acrylic, pastels, pen and ink, linocuts and mixed media but you must be able to create it in a day. We don’t accept photography.

Can I make some outlines or preparatory sketches on my canvas/board? 

All materials must be blank and not pre-prepared with background or other preparatory sketches but we will accept primed surfaces.

Can I paint anywhere in the Forest of Dean?

Yes, but don’t stray too far in case you can’t get back in time!  And please remember don’t do anything that would break the law or cause a public nuisance while painting. Common sense is the watchword.

Can I enter a picture I painted beforehand? 

No, the whole idea and fun of Art in a Day – Forest of Dean is that everyone creates a picture from scratch in just one day.

Why do I have to go to the Artspace first before I start painting?

Because we need to see your Artist’s Pass and put a small stamp on the back of your painting as proof that you started the day with it completely blank.

Can I submit more than one picture? 

We can only accept one artwork from each artist.

Do I have to paint outdoors? 

We like everyone to paint outdoors because that’s the essence of Art in a Day – Forest of Dean. However, if you can’t do so or really don’t want to, we will have a still life set up in one of the art rooms at Artspace. We will also accept pictures painted inside a public building in the district. But before doing so, you must get permission from the venue manager.

Is there a maximum or minimum size for entries? 

Yes, A1 (including the frame and mount) is the maximum size we can accept. A1 is 594 X 841 mm and 23.4 X 31.1 inches. It is essential that all entries have a hanger on the back. Depending on the substrate used, and a frame is advisable because it helps you sell the picture.

Can I bring my finished artwork back to Artspace anytime during Saturday? 

Yes, anytime before 4.30 p.m. as we close at 5 p.m.

Does my picture have to be framed?

We are unable to hang loose papers, these should be framed. You must attach a hanging hook or wire/cord to the back of your picture.

How will unframed pictures be hung? 

Canvases and boards must have a hanging hook or wire/cord on the back. We are unable to hang loose papers.

Who decides what price my picture should be exhibited at? 

You decide the selling price but if you have not sold a picture before because you are an amateur, use our guide price of between £50 – £250. If you are confident about pricing because you have sold before feel free to set your own selling price.

How much will I receive from the sale? 

You will receive 80% of the selling price.

How do I get paid? 

You will be paid by Cheque by the end of July 2017.

What happens if my picture isn’t sold? 

You can collect it to take home during Artspace opening hours between July 24th and August 3rd. As we can’t store paintings that are not collected, all pictures which have not been collected by 5 p.m. on August 3rd will be donated to charity.  If you can’t collect your own picture, please authorise someone else to do it for you and let us know when you hand it in. We will check IDs for those collecting paintings.

Are there any age restrictions for participating artists? 

Yes, artists must be over 16 unless they are accompanied by an adult in which case they can be younger.